Today is my birthday

March 8, 2011 at 10:29 AM (Life News, Website News) ()

Hey guys, today is my birthday and gonna take it slowly today and have fun. Oh yeah I managed to get a copy of Dragon age 2 and I will be doing review on it as soon as gone through the whole game xD…I hope everyone will have a fun time exploring my blog.


Have fun!! ūüôā


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wow kinda disappointed on my copy of crysis 2…but its a good game though

March 7, 2011 at 11:01 AM (First Person Shooters, Games) (, , , , , , )

Hey guys, remember that I told ya that I had a copy of Crysis 2. Well that copy was an earlier build of the full version but that whole build you can only complete 3 level of the main campaign before you started to see all the bugs start to pop up like crazy.¬† I’m glad that I managed to finish with that crappy version and waiting for the final build so I can managed to get even farther. I hope that you guys like my preview of the game.

Whoa...Is it me or the Nanosuit 2 looks fat...o.o;;;

It starts out as a group of military soldiers are backing up one of their nanosuit operatives  from his current location New York City.  Suddenly the submarine gets hit by an unknown force and causing it to sink, amazingly you and small group of soldiers managed to escape from the sinking sub to see the statue of liberty partially destroyed but still standing. Suddenly a strange plane or alien craft starts shooting everyone in the water who had survived the sinking boat. Sadly, you and your comrades were shot by the space craft and left for dead.

Before blacking out from your wounds, you managed to see a man wearing a black suit that is incredibly similar to the suit in the first game. This mysterious person manages to fight off the unknown forces and rescues ya from the watery grave. Upon doing that he saves your life by giving you his nanosuit and it finally reveals that the mysterious person was Prophet. But he doesn’t seem to be normal at all, it look like something had been experimenting on him and his face look like its been shot by unknown weapons and slowly being repaired by the suit.

When you finally awaken from your slumber, you are wearing the highly advance nanosuit and previous user lies dead in the corner. (I’m not gonna reveal how he died it would be too shocking for some people.) From that moment you are currently exploring New York City and hoping to find out more information about the alien invasion and about nanosuit that you are wearing….

Whoa look at the nice graphics of the new engine...o.o;;;!! Shocking right?

I would say that the game play was amazingly improved so much from the original game that came out in 2007.¬† The major improvements of the game I would be the nanosuit because in the first game it had lots of flaws. If your wondering what are the flaws in the first game well they had it where you hafta manually select which mode you want to use and the armor mode doesn’t actually work right before you die from being hit by the enemy’s gun fire or explosions. And the other one I thing that I don’t like was in fact when you need to jump over a fence you need to use the power mode that leaves you totally vulnerable to gun fire and explosion. Oh yeah, I totally forgotten about the speed mode,¬† I would say that mode was useful but drains too much power when you use it.

I hope that you noticed all the flaws about the first nanosuit that was introduced in the first game right? But the producers of the game have introduced a better new nanosuit that has almost all of these powers in only several modes. If your wondering what are they well let me tell ya. The armor mode well it finally works this time around because when someone manages to shoot ya you will be hearing the bullets bounce off the suit and hit the floor XD!! The power mode is automatically turned on and off, like when you jump it kicks in but don’t have the moon jump powers from the first game and there even a possibility that you can kill someone by just squeezing their necks when you have nothing equip. (I haven’t tried in when I was playing this version.) Oh yeah the speed mode is always running and it doesn’t you use that much power when you move around than the other version.

If your wondering about the cloak aka stealth¬† mode in this version well…How should I say it been improve somewhat and you can managed to play some games while having this power activated. Such as sneaking around the whole area and silently killing your foe with style. (I’m not gonna go into full detail about this I would let the players figure out on there own.) Oh yeah the suit also have new abilities that are locked away and need alien tissue to unlock them. (I haven played around with this part because the version that I played kept on removing the upgrades…>.<;;;)

Oh yeah, they totally improved the shooting mechanics in the Crysis 2 than first game. Do you remember when your in the aiming mode and it takes for ever to move your character around the area while in aiming mode? Well they managed to improve that too now you can move around freely with the aiming mode and they even make it even easier to toggle it on and off.

Did you thought the enemy AI was annoying in the first game, but in the second one they are incredibly improved from their counter parts from the first one. Like¬† if your cloaked the enemies will be searching the entire area looking for you or¬† return to their normal duties until they are provoked again. If they are provoked the second time they just call a back up and you will get swamped from 3 to 6 troopers coming to your location. Oh yeah I would say that they have several new types of enemies that are making appearance in the second game. (I’m not gonna reveal them all, because i only seen a few small amount of them from the version I have.)

From the version that I played. I’m hoping to managed to grab the final version just to see how well the story goes and what other kick ass feature that wasn’t working from my version. I hope that everyone enjoyed my preview…Xd!! I will make a full review when I managed to get the final build in¬† my hands. I hope you guys will have lots of fun exploring my blog.

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Just taking a small break to finish up crysis 2

March 4, 2011 at 6:39 PM (Website News) (, , , )

I have just recently got a copy of Crysis 2 and trying to complete it so I can managed to write a review for ya.¬† So please wait awhile and hang out on my site while I’m trying to get through Crysis 2, okaiii…

I hope you guys will have a wonderful time exploring on this site…

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More Water heater problems…

February 28, 2011 at 12:44 PM (Life News) (, )

It was like last Friday that I¬† called the technical support people from Rheem to get the part for my second water heater for my house. It turns out that they will be sending the parts sometime today or tomorrow and I’m not even sure what parts that they are send to me this time. I’m hoping that its not gonna be the repeat of the same thing with the upper part though. I’m hoping that it will be the right part and no other problems happen.

Lets hope that’s the end of the water heater problems that I have been having…

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Wow…Water heater problems…

February 26, 2011 at 5:25 PM (Life News, Website News) (, , )

Hey guys, If your wondering why it took so long to add some content in because at my house we are currently having some water heater problems that lasted about a whole week. I have called Rheem water heating company several times to get the parts in. The first one was the water heater coil and it took like 15 minutes just to install that stupid thing and then we did a test on unit just to find out that to the electrical thermostat  part had died in the progress.  So I called to the technical support for Rheem water heater and guess what? It took them about 3 tries on that part before they managed to send us a working part.

After getting the right part and installing it, we decided to another test just to see if everything is in working condition. After the testing of the unit we managed to find out that the bottom electrical thermostat had burned out some how. Once again I had to call in the Rheem technical support people just report the problem and they will be shipping the other part in. I hope that there won’t be any more issues with this water heater again…>.<;;;

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Bulletstorm…A humorous first person shooter…

February 26, 2011 at 9:40 AM (First Person Shooters, Games) (, , , , , )

Wanted to brutalize your enemies in a absurdly new ways then Bulletstorm is your game.


Bulletstorm is a first person shooter that is created by Epic Games and People can Fly that is published by Electronic Art Games.¬† The current version of this game is currently for Microsoft Windows, X-box 360, and Playstation 3.¬† This game has a lot of wonderful voice actors such as Steve Blum (who does Wolverine in the x-men cartoons) and Jennifer Hale (who does the female commander Sheppard and slew of other games, TV shows, and animated movies) that provided the voices to the lovable characters in this game. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was the voice of the Japanese cyborg character because his voice acting changes from being Japanese to¬† English so quickly.

It actually starts ya off on a space ship where you take command of Grayson Hunt (Steve Blum) who was an member of Dead Echo, that protected the confederated planets until one day the General lied to Grayson about the assassination plots about normal people which they thought that they killing terrorists. Without thinking about his squad, Grayson decides to hunt down the General. After his decision they were ambushed by a attackers of unknown origin and they managed to subdue the attackers and rescue a small little girl in the process.

About 10 years later, Grayson have became a pirate and managed to track down the General and decides to destroy its ship but became stranded on a planet called Striga, where everything is out to get them…


Oh!! I love this skillshot!! o3o

I would say that this game is truly different from many first person shooters that I have been played before. If your wondering why because it has a new way of keeping action fresh by having a system called skillshot, this system gives you points that you can use for purchases and upgrades for your character.  The skillshots can be performed in many ways such as kicking your enemies in the fans or other ways that will become accessible when you managed to journey from the beginning to end. The whole game can be complete about 8 to 10 hours depending on the difficulty that you have chosen.

If your wondering about the multiplayer  part of the game is the prequel to the game where you are not playing as Grayson but a members of Anarchy who were sent to Striga to clear out the planet many years before Grayson came to the planet. If your wondering about more information about this part of the game well I hate to say it but my copy prevented me from playing the multiplayer part though.




I would say that this game is truly extremely fun and it makes ya chuckle while your playing through the whole game. The violence is okay but the true gem of the game is the Humor that was nicely done. The skillshots feature for this game makes ya wanna laugh out loud when you see the names of funny finishing moves that appear over their head as they die. Oh yeah I would say the voice acting for this game is truly top notch and lots of funny one liners to remember.

I rate this game a 8.7 out a 10. (A keeper)


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Razortooth… The most Horrible movie ever…

February 19, 2011 at 10:28 AM (Giant Animals, Horror, Movies) (, , , )

I have managed to find a movie about a gigantic eel, so I decided to check the movie out on the netflix streaming system. I would say that this ¬†movie is amazingly bad and not worth watching at all. But I’m writing a review on it so anyone who stumbles upon this awful movie would know what to do if they managed to find it and decided to watch. I hope this one will tell people to stay away from this one.

OMG!! Run for your lives its a killer Eel

Well this one starts off as several escaped convicts were trying to hide from the  police, lucky the convicts managed to escape and police search squad were practically eaten by the strange beast. The convicts managed to made to a small town by the swamp and stay out of the radar and while a lot of strange and gruesome death starting appear. At first the local thought the convicts had something to do with it, but eventually it was revealed that a scientist was breeding some kind of mutant eel that can move on ground and the water.

This creature  quickly made a meal of whole town and local boy scout before the survivors of the creature attack decides  rally up a local posse to hunt down the creature down. Will they make it?

Review :

Don’t even bother watching this one. If your wondering why because the actors for this movie was just plan awful and the story you could just totally fall asleep through it and the special effects were great but still lacking in some way.

If your wondering about the violence in this movie well you gotta see people getting eaten, blood everywhere and really bad acting. Oh yeah if you decided to watch this movie for the fun of it your just wasting your life away…

I truly rank this movie a 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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Hellbound…A fun horror movie with Chuck Norris

February 18, 2011 at 9:34 PM (Action, Comedy, Demons, Horror) (, , , , , , , )

I have managed to discovered an funny and wacky movie with Chuck Norris while battling weird demon like villain on my netflix movie streaming thingie. I’m not so sure when did I managed to see this movie but it brought back some fun times when I saw it again. Even though I didn’t like Chuck Norris that much but I just found this movie was kinda fun and interesting to watch though. I hopefully Chuck and his bro decided to get together again produce some new movies. I’m not even sure if he retired or not, I hope that you will enjoy this timeless movie, as well. Oh yeah about the earlier post about getting a writing job a gaming site I got turned down on¬† 3rd day since provided the site with a lot of information how to start a gaming site from the ground up. They say I have bad writing skills they are so wrong, at least I have something to go back too…

LOL...Chuck Norris, he is our man...

Somewhere in the Medieval ages, King Richard and his Knights¬† are searching for a mythic being called Prosatanos (who is Satan’s emissary) and prevent him from calling Satan himself. Eventually there was a major battle between Prosatanos and King Richard’s knights at the end of the major battle Prosatanos was sealed away. But in 1951 several tomb robbers seeking have found the same tomb where Prosatanos was sealed in and managed to free him by removing several golden crosses that was keeping him sealed for decades. When the thieves removed the golden cross from the four corner of the tomb, they unknowingly release Prosatanos back into the world where he seeks out the pieces of his scepter that was destroyed decades ago by King Richard.

Meanwhile in the modern times, Detective Shatter (Chuck Norris) and Jackson (Calvin Levels) arresting¬† gangsters on the street of Los Angles and managed to get themselves tangle into a bizarre murder case that involves a dead rabbi and strange pieces of the scepter.¬† Jackson and Shatter decided head down to Israel see if they can managed to find about the murder case and understand what the scepter are used for. Will Detective Shatter and Jackson managed to confront the murder and find out more information about the pieces of the scepter? Watch the movie to find out what happen. I hope that you will enjoy this timeless classic as well…

Review :

I find this movie extremely silly in some parts and amazing how stupid Chuck Norris was in some scenes in this movie. I was amazed how quick and simple this movie was and hopefully that we will managed to get another movie with more comedy with Chuck Norris who is involve with. I would say this movie is for the family, there are some scary scenes in this movie and its meant to be watched in a group.

If your wondering about the violence in this movie well it actually has someone being punch through and their heart ripped out besides those part its really an nice action movie.

I rank this movie a 5 out 5 stars.

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Satan’s Little Helper…Wierd but silly movie…

February 18, 2011 at 3:24 PM (Horror, Serial Killers) (, , , , , )

I’m not even sure that I have seen this movie or not, but I did hear a lot of good things about this movie. I’m so lucky that I managed to find a copy of this movie through the netflix movie streaming system and its so far the movie is pretty decent. I hope that everyone will enjoy this one as well. Oh yeah sorry for a small delay of adding content because I became a contributor to a gaming site and it seems that it might be working out that good. Thank god I have another place to go to if something goes wrong you know…


No wonder why Halloween was so bad...


This one starts out as a little kid named Douglas Whooly (Alexander Brickel) who is currently addicted to a video game called “Satan’s Little Helper” and they are coming to meet his sister named Jenna (Katheryn Winnick). Jenna is a college student who came home for Halloween with her boy friend Alex and when she introduces her to Douglas everything just goes bad after.¬† He decides to go take a walk on the street to calm his nerves and notices a strange guy wearing a Satan costume murdering someone and thinking that he was the game character from the game that he always plays.

They became good friends arranging pranks with the mask person and still thinking that it was all fake and continues to hang around with the strange person until the mask person decides to kill Douglas’ Dad and soon notices that it wasn’t a game but reality. Then Satan¬† decides to kidnap Douglas’ mom to a party where he manages to disappear into the crowded and changed his costume and heads back to Douglas. Jenna and Alex manages to rescue her mom and escaping the party before everyone was killed by spiked punch. Will Douglas and his family managed to expose the killer in the Satan costume and find away to stop for good? Just watch the movie to find out…


Review :


I say that this movie was a funny spin on mask killers genre, where the murder is a silent person who manages befriend a small child doing awful and deadly pranks without telling him that it was real. I just found that idea totally brilliant, even though the slash genre is pretty much the same thing done so many times that gets old really quickly, but this movie will make you guess and wonder what going on before the sudden end to the movie. I hope that the movie will make several sequels before ending, I hoped that it does happen.

Oh yeah about the violence in the movie well its mediocre not so bloody or disgusting at all. This movie isn’t a nice family movie at all soon if decided to watch the whole movie with family and friends you have been warned.

I truly rank this movie a 4.5 out of 5.

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The Resurrected…A weird movie from H.P lovecraft handy work…

February 9, 2011 at 6:24 PM (Famous Authors, Horror, Supernatural, Zombies) (, , , , , , , , )

Hiya guys I have managed to find this movie while searching through my netflix streaming thingie and I hope that you will enjoy this movie as much as I do. If your wondering if I seen this movie sometime ago, well I did but the one i saw wasn’t the complete version it was totally cut and lots of missing parts that was edited out due to the gore and disturbing matter. I hope that you will enjoy this new and unedited version of “The Resurrected” that was based on a H.P Lovecraft works…

Is it me or it looks extremly disturbing?

This movie totally starts off as Claire Ward (Jane Sibbett) hires a private detective named John Mesh (John Terry) to investigate the weird activities that are done by her husband who is named Charles Dexter Ward (Chris Sarandon). The entire case goes bizarre when Claire tells her about the painting they found in a old abandon farm house and when they managed to examine the picture and it look like identical to her husband but wasn’t. Eventually it got weirder by the minute when Jane manages to find a diary of Charles or they thought that was his that talked about an strange experiment that happen decades ago and it explain how these weird experiments got released to the public and they were quickly dispose of. The diary was so fascinating that John’s friends were interested on how the diary ends and the remaining pages were completely blank. They finally made a decision to go explore the old abandon tunnels that lies beneath the farm house and discovered that the potion actually worked and forced to defend themselves against the undead before exploding the whole complex up.

Unfortunately the battle with the undead had killed one of John’s coworker and left Claire in the hospital. So John Mesh decides to face a person who looked like Charles Dexter Ward but wasn’t…Will they managed to find out what’s wrong with Charles and who was the mysterious person that was talking to him earlier? Why not watch the movie to find out what happening and try to solve the mystery…


I would say that this movie had a weird opening because we managed to see John Mesh using a tape recorder to keep a detail report on what happen while taking a the case from Claire Ward and the events in this movie was told backwards before brought to present. I just love the way they told the story from frame narrative and it made absolutely sense. I know that some movies actually tried this way and totally failed but this is the first movie that actually tried it and succeeded.

If your wondering about the violence in the movie, well the only part that seem disturbing is the reanimation of the dead tissue and part where John’s coworker was killed by one of those undead monsters. Thank god they actually didn’t show the part where he was eaten alive. Beside this part the whole move was absolutely wonderful and kinda interesting to watch.

I rank this movie a 5 stars out 5.

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